Wasting Money On A "Guru"

podcast Sep 20, 2018

Let me ask you a question...Have you ever been duped before? Have you ever wasted money on something you swore would pay itself off but never did? How about the diet industry...how much money have you spent there? Hundreds...thousands even?

Do you ever look back at the money you invest either for personal or professional gain and feel a little sick to your stomach? You are not alone. So many of us have been there. Today on It's Not About the Food, I interview somatic nutrition and body image coach, Tracy Brown. She opens up about the shame, blame, guilt cycle that goes on in the online business space. 


Here are some of the things we discussed in the interview!

  • Tracy's professional experience and history in the field
  • Comfort of working for someone else vs. the risk/reward of becoming an entrepreneur
  • How motherhood empowered Tracy to make the leap into entrepreneurship
  • Feeling good enough to do what lights your heart on fire
  • Online business and feelings of unworthiness
  • Listening to advice from other's about beginning an online business
  • Need for online therapy option
  • Trying those crazy ideas that could be the wave of the future
  • How pivot often comes about in the online space
  • Tracy's work with non-diet professionals
  • Standard business model from big dog marketers and why connection is more important for people who is more of an empath and a healer
  • Baby offer ideas for professionals who love to connect
  • Tracy's experience with a high dollar marketing course and the lessons she learned 
  • Importance of trusting your gut when someone is giving advice that isn't in alignment with you 
  • What we think consumers *should* be getting when they invest in a high dollar course
  • Importance of showing up for your community 
  • The pressure to get the "steps" done in a short amount of time from the courses you are investing in 
  • Importance of showing up authentically in your own business and trusting your gut
  • Why you DON'T need to follow all the tips from the "gurus"
  • What you DO need in order to be successful in online business

Also on the podcast this week...

This world is hard and if you are a non-diet health professional, you probably have you own story around health and food. Sometimes when we are faced with chaotic or heated discussions within the community or when we serve client after client with similar issues, we can tend to walk away feeling really heavy. There are definitely highs and lows of the profession and I get it. 

We are currently living in a divided culture within the community as Intuitive Eating and HEAS (Health At Every Size) gain more traction. It's brought this notion of what you all face into sight.

Just over the past few days, I have gotten asked...

"who am I?"

"where do I fall with this issue?"

"how do I speak my mind without offending anyone?"

"how can I show up as my authentic self in my business?"

In response to these questions, I wrote a blog post explaining my philosophy as a doctor that you can find HERE. It's titled "Why I Am An Anti-Diet Doctor" and it dives into my journey in and out of diet culture and why I feel so passionately about the matter. I also decided to open my new membership community a month early. I witnessed the despair and confusion of the non-diet health professionals, I knew I had to open the doors early.

If you are struggling with analysis paralysis, hurting to feel understood in a really conflicted environment, are wondering if you can make money without preaching a diet and going against your beliefs, then I want to help. Not only do I have the education to help you process these tough situations from a professional standpoint, but I have the business expertise that will help you continue to grow your business and gain clarity about the steps you need and hope to take as you move forward. 

This is business mentorship, therapy, processing, coaching, and supervision all in one. Go to www.supervisionsquad.com to learn more. I am doing a special founders rate this week only, so if you want in on the ground floor and want to help me shape this amazing community of health and wealth professionals, then I want to see you in the group! 



Want more from my guest Tracy? 

Find Tracy Brown on Instagram @tracybrownrd or on her website at www.tracybrownrd.com



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