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When you were a little girl, you used to be fun-loving, creative, spunky, fiery, with more dreams than you could ever fulfill in a lifetime.








Then, you grew up. You got a job, had kids, learned to manage day-to-day busy life.


Somewhere, we lost our heart in the sea of tasks and to-do lists.

Ask anyone around you what their current mood is and you’re bound to hear one of the following: tired…stressed… busy… overwhelmed… exhausted… Some of the more honest ones will admit: I don’t know.


In an effort to be all things to all people—wife, mother, daughter, sister, co-worker, class mom, the list goes on—we have forgotten who we are. We have become afraid of showing our true selves.


This book is here to bring you hope for a more fulfilling experience of this modern day life.


In these pages, you’ll discover:

  • What really keeps most women stuck in a mundane, unsatisfying life
  • Why typical self-help programs don't bring you the change you're craving
  • How to be your own therapist and reconnect with your deepest, truest self
  • How to make lasting change that you'll feel through every part of your life
  • How to live from your heart and truly feel each day
  • How to let small worries roll off more readily and enjoy the beautiful moments of day-to-day life



Imagine, if you could truly feel each day, living through your heart. You might laugh more easily, let small worries roll off more readily, and truly enjoy the beautiful moments of day-to-day life.


Let your heart out, and be unapologetically you. You might rediscover what you're truly craving.



Stefani Reinold is a board certified psychiatrist, burnout and emotional resiliency expert, entrepreneur, podcast host, author, speaker, wife, and mother of 4. 

Through her books, speaking, online programs and private practice, she encourages and empowers high achieving professionals to overcome burnout and chronic stress so they can finally thrive in life and business.


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