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👋🏻Hey friend!
Let me guess... you want to change your body, huh?
You've tried hundreds of diets and countless workout plans and yet, nothing seems to stick. 
You're frustrated with yourself, and you keep hearing that "diets don't work," and yet, you see Suzie next door who has 6 pack abs and a killer quad sweep and you can't help but feel like "That could be me!"
So, you keep killing yourself at the gym or eating out of containers or counting every macro that goes into your mouth or avoiding gluten or whatever other trend some "expert" told you about (because hey! they look great AND they've had 4 babies)
Bottom line: you STILL want to change your body.
You just can't imagine being HAPPY with your body as it is... let alone LOVING your body. 

Well, my friend, lucky for you, I get it. I SOOOOO get it!

👋🏻Hey, I'm Dr. Reinold!

Psychiatrist and eating disorders specialist by day...
Intuitive Eating and anti-diet advocate by night...
And wifey and mother 24/7...

In addition to treating nearly a thousand patients and clients with eating disorders, body image woes, and dysfunctional relationships with food, I also suffered from my own eating disorder for more than a decade of my life.

We're talking almost 15 years! 15 years!

And believe me when I say, I GET IT.

I went around the binge-restrict-body hatred merry-go-round too many times to count... and now, I want to help YOU escape the woes of diet culture.

So, if there is just ONE thing that helped me and hundreds of my patients and clients it's this:

Your issues with food and your body have NOTHING to do with food or your body.

That means...

No amount of control over food or your body will EVER solve the problem because...

So, What's It About?


"I love the conversations that Stefani is having here. As a future RD and having suffered from an eating disorder in the past, it is so important to continue learning from others who are in the trenches navigating intuitive eating and working toward body acceptance in the midst of diet culture. Bravo! - iTunes listener- RD2B- UMNproud"

"Important Message for All Practitioners & People!"

"I'm a 45 yo woman and just figuring out my issues! My faith in God is my utmost priority and dealing with food and body issues as a Christian woman is embarrassing and humbling. But this podcast and everything Stefani puts out via social media and her website have already been SO VALUABLE and legitimately me into finding freedom from my issues. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - iTunes reviewer- kmb2018"

"All kinds of yes!"

"I'm so excited to have found Stefani's podcast to add to my library! I couldn't help but binge listen to her podcasts bc they are so helpful and insightful. I've been on my own journey of intuitive eating. I love her message. - iTunes listener- Nannynewknee"

"Love this podcast!"

"I love this podcast because it hits the places we all feel, but society hasn't historically allowed us to vocalize. - Nicki Wilson, Host of Action Made Mamas podcast"

"Filling in the gaps!"

"Stefani is smart, empathetic and so unique! I love this podcast. - Jenny Eden Burk"


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