Hey there, I'm Dr. Stefani Reinold!

Host of the It's Not About the Food podcast

SO nice to *meet you!* I'm so excited that you are interested in coming on the show! It is such a treat for me to connect with such amazing influencers and I hope to connect with you further! 

Please know that I get more requests for guests than I have air time, so  I want to make sure that we are a good fit.

That said, before we get the ball rolling, I have a few requests for all of my potential guests.


 - 01 -

Guests are encouraged to listen to the Show.

If you've never listened to the Show, I encourage you to listen to an episode before contacting me. To listen to an episode, click the button below.


 - 02 -

Guests are encouraged to leave a rating + review.

Ratings and reviews help a podcast reach more listeners. I'd very much appreciate a genuine 5-star review from you!


 - 03 -

Guests must have an open mind!

I will challenge you to think deeper about situations. I may ask you difficult questions. I also keep things relaxed and laid back.

Last disclaimer:

I'm an Intuitive Eating and weight-neutral clinician. While my show doesn't specifically focus on the food (hence the title 😉), I do not align well with diet-based or weight-loss-promoting health and wellness businesses.

Still want to come on the Show?

SUH-WEET! I'm so excited! Fill in your information below. You will receive an email from me about collaborating.

*Note: I also occasionally share other biz tips or ways to network and collaborate with me further via email.


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