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Let me guess. 

  • You listen to hours of anti-diet and intuitive eating podcasts, but you still find yourself preoccupied with food and your body.
  • You've read hundreds of books on anti-diet living, but still find yourself wasting money on traditional diets and fitness routines... thinking if you JUST lost weight, life would be better.
  • You intellectually get that "diets don't work" but you just can't stop buying into the hype of the health and fitness industry
  • You're sick and tired of the diet crazy train
  • BUT you literally don't know what you want anymore (and the pursuit of weight loss doesn't sound all bad to you)
  • You spend more time thinking about food and your body than possibly anything else in your life 

Don't worry! I got you! 😉


Imagine a world where...

You weren't worried and stressed about food and your body every single day.

You could wear whatever you wanted to wear without ending up in a mess of tears in front of the mirror.

You could have sex with the lights on and actually ENJOY yourself!

You stopped putting your goals and desires on hold and finally started living your dream life!












Don't worry. I got you.
I'm taking my psychotherapy training, medical degree, clinical background, and personal experience to bring you a truly unique program helping you make LASTING peace with food and your body!

Introducing: It's Not About the Food Coaching

All the benefits of individual therapy in 8 short modules of guided video coaching!

An 8-module video coaching program helping you:

  • Overcome emotional eating once and for all
  • Uncover your limiting beliefs
  • Process past traumas & childhood pains
  • Set yourself up for a lifetime of body acceptance
  • Create boundaries to enjoy food peace forever
  • Communicate with loved ones
  • and so much more!

It IS possible to make peace with food and your body!

...But it will NEVER happen with more control around food or your body.

Through my revolutionary HEART Method®, I teach you how to:

REWIRE your brain and neuro-circuitry

REBUILD your boundaries, self-worth, goals and intentions and

RECONNECT with the real YOU and what you most desire!


-M C, client

"My mind is seriously blown! I've been in therapy before, listened to podcasts, and done other 'DIY courses' but NEVER been challenged like the exercises in this course challenged me. THANK YOU STEFANI for all you do!"











"She helped me FEEL GOOD ENOUGH!"

-Melodye, mother and client

"After I became a new mom, I wanted to get off of social media, because it was mostly bringing me down. Then, I found Stefani and her community and products and I've been encouraged, inspired, educated, and motivated. She helps me actually FEEL good enough. Hands down, she's the reason I'm even on social media and I can honestly say that the benefits outweigh the risks. I'm so glad I found Stefani."


Guided Video Coaching

8 Modules of video coaching and education provided to help you make peace with food and your body and to give you the tools to use for the future.

($397 Value)

20+ Exercises

More than 20 exercises + "homework assignments" are included in the course to REALLY help you. So, get that journal ready to do some work!

($199 Value)

Anxiety Workbook

Work through this amazing Anxiety workbook created just for YOU!

($99 Value)

Bonus Podcast Episodes

Get access to special bonus podcast episodes not available on my podcast feed.

Private Group

Ongoing access to me in private community and comments throughout the course, so that I can help you fully make peace from food!

Indefinite Access

No need to rush through the material. Life can be hectic. Go at your own pace with indefinite access.

Here's a breakdown of the flow of the program.

Module 1: Welcome and Foundation

I help you set the right frame of mind to get the most out of the course, set boundaries where necessary, and identify your most important goals and intentions.

**I also give you an introduction to my revolutionary HEART Method® and how this will play out throughout the course.

Module 2: Preparing Your Mind

Learn evidence based strategies to help you challenge the resistance, set boundaries in your environment (as well as your mind), and start taking steps to uncover your biases and judgments... which will begin the healing process.

Module 3: Building Your Foundation

Before we begin the tough work, we have to build up your resilience and strength, so that I don't trigger you further. I use psychotherapeutic principles and neuroscience research methods to build a solid mental foundation before we move forward.

Module 4: Understanding Your Emotions

I use simple exercises to help you understand your complex emotions around food, your body, and in your life in general. This is a pivotal step that is often a mind-blowing experience for clients.

Module 5: Getting to the Root Cause

This is perhaps THE MOST IMPORTANT module where I help you uncover your unconscious. I help you understand what it TRULY is about... since it's not about the food. 

Module 6: Reflecting on Your Past

I slowly ease you into memories from the past and how certain conversations, events, and trauma could be continuing to trigger you currently.

Module 7: Intentional Action Steps

I teach you my method of setting R.E.A.L. goals (a strategy you've likely never heard of before) and help you set realistic, intentional goals that will actually make you FEEL better.

Module 8: Who Are You Beyond the Food?

I help you reconnect with who YOU are beyond food and our body so that you can create new feelings of self-worth, value, and affirmation.


I also gift you these 3 Bonus Videos in your digital library!

BONUS #1: Stumbling Blocks

I go over some common sticking points and how to overcome them so you don't get stuck!

BONUS #2: Managing Others

Learn how to talk with others and not be triggered by others' words and actions.

BONUS #3: Quick and Dirty Tips for Emotional Eating

I share some top strategies to overcome emotional and binge eating.

"I love that she is truly able to meet me where I am at."

-Julie, course participant

"What's great about Stefani is that she's been in my shoes. She's got medical expertise and knowledge, but what makes her exceptional is that she truly understands what I went through on a personal and emotional level. Stefani is a mom and a woman and she just gets the struggle! I love that she is able to truly meet me where I am at. She is so compassionate and willing to not just listen but truly hear. I'm so grateful for all she has done for my life!"


Get started now!



2 low payments of




-Sally, client

"I've taken several online courses and programs for intuitive eating and body image, but NOTHING compares to this It's Not About the Food. Stefani's HEART Method is truly unique and makes a lot of sense. I'm still reeling on the material one year later! Sign up now. You won't be disappointed!"













Here's the thing!

You could try another diet this year. You could tell yourself that you're really just focusing on "health" or "building muscle" or "improving your habits." But you and I both know it's only a matter of time before you can't keep up with "so-and-so's plan" for your life and then what? 

You'll quickly fall prey to the shame-blame-guilt cycle... and probably gain weight in the process.

And you COULD keep listening to hours of body positive, anti-diet podcasts and read a million books trying to "DIY" your way to healing.

Or you could work with a trained professional and make rapid change in a safe way.

Why don't you take a chance on something different? 

A better, lasting way to improve your health... from the inside out!


Who am I + how am I qualified to help?

Glad you asked!

I'm Dr. Stefani Reinold- board certified psychiatrist, anti-diet advocate, wife and mother. To date, I've helped more than a thousand patients and clients overcome emotional eating, food and body obsessions, and find true FREEDOM not only around food and body image, but in LIFE. I know firsthand the destruction of an eating disorder and disordered eating... I suffered for nearly 15 years. I want to save you from that destruction and help you find real FREEDOM in your life.

This sounds great! SIGN ME UP! >>

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