Do you want to screw up your kids?

Of course not! No loving mother intends to harm their children, but some of the most well-intentioned mothers will unknowingly affect their kids emotionally. 

Don't worry! I got you, mama.

In this e-book, I'll share with you the top 20 ways that moms can affect their children's emotional health. And some quick, simple tips to correct your ways.

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You'll learn how moms screw up their kids around...

Food & Body Image

Is it possible to save your son or daughter from the same food and body image struggles that you've experienced?

Money & Self-Worth

What really creates a scarcity mindset or lack of self-worth? How do we correct this for our own children?

Identity & Relationships

What makes us turn to our lovers and husbands for our sense of self? When and why do we "lose ourselves?"

I'm Dr. Stefani Reinold,

Psychiatrist + Maternal Mental Health Expert + Eating Disorders Specialist

I teach women and moms how to deal with the junk in their own minds so that they can kill it in life, love, and business... without screwing up their kids in the process.

I've helped more than a thousand patients and clients transform their minds and thus, radically transform their lives

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