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 Looking for guidance on how to navigate a mental health career in the 21st century?

Introducing: The Supervision Squad 

the exclusive membership community of Stefani Reinold MD

Think: supervision + biz mentorship + team building + processing group for the amazingly real down-to-earth service professionals!

What's in it for You?


You get COMPLETE, UNRESTRICTED access to my ENTIRE digital library. No holding back. No upsells. No extra charges. Free reign on all of my programs. To see a list of my programs, click here.

Monthly Coaching Calls

Unfiltered coaching calls every month to help you tackle not only backend business, legal, and technical details, but also process difficult situations or challenging cases  

Quarterly Guest Trainings

Every quarter I bring you a different expert in the fields of self-development, psychology, business, legal or branding. They provide workshops and trainings in order to serve your business.

Affiliate Opportunities

I regularly extend affiliate offers to my members. This is where you get a cut of some of my programs when others purchase under your affiliate link. 

Exclusive Invitations

Private access to live events, intensive trainings, Masterminds, workshops, and pop-up sessions only available to my members.

VIP + Early Bird Status

I share my heart + soul with y'all that I don't share anywhere else. You get early bird access to all my latest programs and beta reader status on my latest books!

You see... being a mental health professional can be a beautiful, soul-satisfying career.

It can also be lonely and hard AF.

How many times do you wish...
  • Your loved ones understood just how draining your job really is.
  • You knew the perfect balance of authentic and professional for social media posts.
  • You only had to work with the perfect, DREAM patients and clients.
  • You had an encouraging group of people who "got you"
  • You were finally making passive income.
  • You didn't feel SO much pressure to always be working.

You just wish you didn't feel so alone in your profession.

I got you! That's what the Supervision Squad will help you overcome!

The Supervision Squad is currently closed for enrollment. 

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