You're brilliant, successful, and talented, but your relationship with food and your body is a hot mess express.








Let me guess.

  • You KNOW that diets are not the answer, but you still wish you could just lose the last 5, 10, 20 or 50 lbs.
  • You have BIG goals for your life, but you spend the majority of your brain space thinking about food and your body.
  • You think if only you found the "right" diet for your body, then you'd finally lose that stubborn weight.
  • You dream of loving your body, but honestly just believe it's fantasyland.
  • You're petrified of screwing up your kids' relationship with food.

You just wish you could "get over" your issues and freaking live your LIFE.

I got you, friend! 

Just imagine if you could:

  • Go on a date night without worrying about your workout the next day
  • Eat a meal that you DIDN'T have to count, weigh, or track
  • Actually ENJOY the food you put into your mouth... and FEEL GOOD about it!
  • Move your body in ways that felt good to you, rather than punishment
  • Experience health in a REAL, authentic way!
  • Feed your kids without obsessing about giving them an eating disorder

What if you could FINALLY live the life you want to live RIGHT NOW?







Well, my friend, I'm here to tell you that's all possible!

  • You CAN have sex with your husband and not be petrified that he's judging your every dimple, curve, or pudge. (News flash! That's you that's stressing about that, not him! Just sayin'...)
  • You CAN enjoy a meal at a restaurant... with a glass of wine or two!
  • You CAN eat processed foods again without gaining a million pounds.
  • You CAN have sex with the lights on and LOVE it.
  • You CAN wear shorts when it's hot outside... and not obsess about what people are saying about you!

You can finally FEEL GOOD in your body!

And I'm here to teach you how. 👊🏻

Introducing: Intuitive Eating in 30 Days

An accelerated program teaching you the fundamentals of the evidence-based methodology of Intuitive Eating... all from the lens of a psychiatrist.

What's Included in the Program

30+ Video Lessons

I provide in-depth videos teaching you the 10 complex principles of Intuitive Eating in an easy-to-understand format.

Guided Email Sequence

I send daily emails to help you stay on track so that you can learn these concepts as swiftly and easily as possible.

Psychological Exercises

I provide uniquely crafted psychological trainings and exercises so that you can fully embrace these concepts.

30-Day E-Book

To give you an overview of the whole program, I provide an easy-to-digest e-book upfront to help you plan for every day of the month. 

Community Boards

You can comment, find accountability from other participants, and get answers from the instructor within the post comments.

Regular Q+A

There are comment sections below each lesson. I regularly pop in to answer all of your questions and if necessary, provide additional instructions.


You don't have to keep:

  • Tracking every single macro you put into your body 

  • Letting the scale dictate your happiness
  • Punishing yourself with exercise
  • Wasting time worrying and obsessing about the demonized food-du-jour
  • Hating your body and wasting your life away

You don't have to put your life on hold until you're a smaller size!

Ready to stop the diet insanity and reclaim your life?

Get this time-limited special price!



Who am I + How am I qualified to help you? I'm so glad you asked!

Before I became a board certified psychiatrist who specialized in eating disorders and non-diet mental wellness, I struggled from a 15-year history of body hatred, disordered eating and bulimia.

It wasn't until I learned intuitive eating that I FINALLY was able to not only recover completely from my eating disorder, but also, to live my most abundant dream life... without worrying and stressing about food and my body!

I've now helped nearly a thousand patients and clients make peace with food and their bodies by ditching diet culture, embracing intuitive eating, and uncovering the REAL issues that are holding them back. 

If there's one thing I regret, it's that I didn't learn intuitive eating earlier. So, I'm on a mission to help YOU learn intuitive eating in an easy-to-consume way... without the political talk and feminist rants. 😉







You can keep repeating the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome (i.e. you can keep dieting)... OR you can ditch the diet and stop the insanity. How about you learn intuitive eating once and for all?

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you provide individual or group coaching in this program? No, I do not. If you're interested in group coaching, check out my It's Not About the Food Coaching services. 
  2. Do you help with emotional eating? While I do cover the concepts of intuitive eating, which includes a brief overview of emotional eating, I do not go in-depth on emotional eating or mental health issues. For a deep dive, check out my It's Not About the Food Coaching program to learn more. 
  3. Is this program appropriate for someone with an active eating disorder? Intuitive Eating is best consumed once you are weight restored to an appropriate level. If you are still working toward weight restoration, I recommend seeking individual professional services first or concurrently with learning Intuitive Eating, depending on severity of your case.

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