Being a service professional can be a beautiful, soul-satisfying career.








It can also be lonely and hard AF.

How many times do you wish...
  • Your loved ones understood just how draining your job really is.
  • You knew the perfect balance of authentic and professional for social media posts.
  • You only had to work with the perfect, DREAM patients and clients.
  • You had an encouraging group of people who "got you"
  • You were finally making passive income.
  • You didn't feel SO much pressure to always be working.

You just wish you didn't feel so alone in your profession.

I got you! 

Introducing: The Supervision Squad 

an exclusive 4-month Mastermind with Dr. Stefani Reinold, MD

Think: supervision + biz mentorship + team building + processing group for the refreshingly down-to-earth, non-diet service professionals!

Hosted By Yours Truly

Hey there, I'm Dr. Stefani Reinold! 

Board Certified Psychiatrist

As a private practice owner and online business entrepreneur, I'm well aware of the very real challenges that face service professionals, whether we are running brick and mortar businesses or online platforms.

Entrepreneurship, especially in service-oriented professions (and especially NON-DIET service professions), can be flat out hard. I'm very familiar with the feelings of isolation, compassion fatigue, and loneliness.

I also know the utterly amazing feeling that comes from being your own boss. The freedom and peace of mind that comes from being able to set your own schedule, treat who you want to treat, and make what you're truly worth is incomparable. 

And I want that for YOU!

That's why I created the Supervision Squad! Read more details below. 


You don't have to keep:

  • Worrying about who you're going to offend on social media 

  • Wasting time with business coaches who just don't get the non-diet world
  • Slugging through the loneliness and isolation of private practice or online business

  • Drowning in the legal and tax details of your business by yourself
  • Building resentment from the difficult or confusing patient or client cases
  • Burning out from the constant need to please anyone and everyone

You don't have to keep going it ALONE!

You just NEED:

  • Support and encouragement from some virtual friends in your shoes
  • A safe no-judgment, advice-free zone to help you hone your craft
  • Space to be exactly who you are and do exactly what you want to do in your practice
  • Guidance to help you uncover your unique message that your clients need to hear
  • Freedom to boldly run the business of your dreams

You just need REAL support from fellow REAL service professionals like YOU!

... all with the guidance from a trusted professional who's not only an expert in human behavior and psychology, but also, intuitive eating and non-diet wellness!





Do you ever ask yourself...

  • Is it even possible to run a successful health and wellness business WITHOUT preaching diets and weight loss?
  • Is there a business coach or mastermind that ALSO gets intuitive eating, health at every size, and a non-diet approach?
  • How is it possible to share my heart and soul in blog posts, podcasts, and social media posts without worrying about disclosing "too much" or "offending" someone?
  • How do I write a sales page that actually makes someone click buy WITHOUT compromising my integrity?
  • And how do I stay sane when the rest of the world continues to preach diets and weight loss? 

You just wish someone "got you."

Well, my friend, I got you. 👊🏻

What's in it for You?


You get COMPLETE, UNRESTRICTED access to my ENTIRE digital library as I create them. No holding back. No upsells. No extra charges. Free reign on all of my programs. 

Monthly Coaching Calls

Unfiltered coaching calls every month to help you tackle not only backend business, legal, and technical details, but also process difficult situations or challenging cases  

Quarterly Guest Trainings

Every quarter I bring you a different expert in the fields of self-development, psychology, business, legal or branding. They provide workshops and trainings in order to serve your business.

Affiliate Opportunities

I regularly extend affiliate offers to my members. This is where you get a cut of some of my programs when others purchase under your affiliate link. 

Exclusive Invitations

Private access to live events, intensive trainings, Masterminds, workshops, and pop-up sessions only available to my members.

VIP + Early Bird Status

I share my heart + soul with y'all that I don't share anywhere else. You get early bird access to all my latest programs and beta reader status on my latest books!

Ready to join my tribe of refreshingly real, down-to-earth service pros like you?


Sign up to learn when I'm starting my next Supervision Squad!









You can keep trudging through it alone, flailing in technical business plans or resenting those difficult cases. Or you can have a lot more fun with other virtual friends just like you!  I hope to see you on the inside!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does "Supervision" even mean? Supervision is taken from the therapy training world where more experienced therapists help, mentor, and encourage younger therapists in their clinical practices. By definition, supervision is the act of a more experienced professional mentoring and guiding a less experienced professional. 
  2. Is the Supervision Squad only for business owners? What if I don't have a business? The Supervision Squad's ultimate mission is to help service professionals overcome and prevent burn-out and compassion fatigue. If you don't already have a business, I'll share with you tools and strategies to get started. All service-oriented, health and wellness professionals welcome. 
  3. Do you offer business coaching in the Supervision Squad? YES! I love talking business, branding, marketing, and all that jazz! One day out of a week is devoted to more conversations about business.
  4. Do you help individuals start their own businesses in the Supervision Squad? While I do offer mentorship and guidance, I do not (yet) help individuals start a business from the ground up. If you're interested in starting a Private Practice, I highly recommend Jennifer McGurk's Pursuing Private Practice Masterclass E-course.
  5. Do you offer individual supervision? Yes, I do. If you are interested in individual supervision, email me at [email protected]

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