075 ⎮Contentment

Feb 13, 2019

Aside from actually being “thin”, that feeling we are all craving is contentment. We want to get to a point where we just FEEL good about our bodies. We are told that the feeling will come once we lose the weight, but more and more women are coming forward and telling us that this isn’t exactly the case. There are so many other things that we can invest in that will bring a sense of pride and there are so many more aspects of ourselves that will give us a full and meaningful life beyond what number pops up on a scale.

In this ep, you'll also hear:

  • My interview with podcast host, Nickie Snyder and how she has found contentment for her body
  • Nickie’s journey with Weight Watchers
  • Size, what it means to Nickie and how people “in the middle” handle life in the world of extreme’s
  • What she wasn’t willing to sacrifice for the sake of “thin”
  • How to find contentment in your own life with three actionable tips
  • and more!



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074 ⎮ Men

Jan 30, 2019

It's About Men...

Scott Ste. Marie of Depression to Expression joins Stefani for Part 2 of an honest dialogue about how men view women.

Men have SO much power over how we women view food and our bodies. It's often a very powerful factor in our relationship with food and our bodies, both positively and negatively.

In a special Q&A episode, Scott answers questions that women are always asking me:

  1. What do guys want women to know regarding food and their bodies?
  2. How can a woman help a guy feel more confident in his body?
  3. Do guys think about women’s bodies more than their own bodies?
  4. What is the pressure like for guys around food and their bodies?
  5. What do guys think of women who go on diets?
  6. What’s the most annoying thing about women? / what do you wish women did differently around men?
  7. Can a woman’s appearance really please a man by itself?
  8. How important really is appearance to guys?
  9. What is the most attractive quality-physical or...
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073 ⎮ Mental Health

Jan 23, 2019

 Scott St. Marie of Depression to Expression joins Stefani for an honest dialogue on mental health in this episode of It's Not About the Food.

Scott opens up about his own journey into and out of depression, his childhood, and what he does currently to improve his mental health.

Scott and Stefani discuss diets for mental health and other taboo topics. 

Stefani also answers questions:

  1. Do psychiatric medications cause weight gain?
  2. Can depression and anxiety worsen emotional eating or cause dysregulated eating?
  3. What do you think of functional medicine? (like Kelly Brogan MD and Sara Gottfried MD's approaches)
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072 ⎮ Own It, Babe

Jan 16, 2019

What're your deepest, darkest concerns about making peace with food and your body? What is really holding you back from giving up dieting for good? Why is it SO hard to love your body!

Well, in this episode, I GO DEEP with my friend, Rini Frey, of Own It Babe. Rini is an online educator, influencer and body image coach who helps empower women to live their lives free from food and body image woes. 

We discuss:

  • What made Rini finally get the help she needed
  • What Rini (and Stefani) think that men think of women who gain weight and our experiences with our husbands
  • Why women truly are still dieting
  • How to finally give up counting macros
  • and so much more!


Instagram: @ownitbabe

Website: ownitbabe.ca


Instagram: @stefanireinoldmd

FB: fb.com/stefanireinoldmd



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071 ⎮The Journey

Jan 09, 2019


5 Steps to Make Peace with Food --> Sign Up Now!

Are you wondering what Intuitive Eating looks like? Have you given up diets this year, but you still don't quite "get" what a "non-diet lifestyle" looks like?

Do you live life in a larger body and think weight loss is the only answer? Do you have a hard time taking yourself seriously?

Well, this week, Brianna Campos (AKA BodyImageWithBri) shares her powerful story.

This week I'm joined by one of my favorite virtual mental health colleagues! I'm talking to Brianna Campos, mental health counselor and body image coach.

In this ep, you'll also hear:

  • What it was like growing up in a larger body
  • How doctors affected her overall health
  • How her mom treated her and her brother differently (and what that had to do with food choices)
  • Why she stopped dieting
  • How she learned about HAES and Intuitive Eating
  • What her biggest struggle is currently (and it's NOT food)
  • and more!


Connect with Brianna:

Instagram: ...

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070 ⎮ Clothes

Dec 05, 2018

Clothes are a big, BIG trigger for women! Have you ever put on clothes, looked at yourself in the mirror, and then felt horrible and turned into a puddle of tears? And then you turn back to dieting and extreme exercise to try to solve the problem. Well, my friend, my guest this week has you covered!

Rachael Somplasky is a wife, mother, and founder of STYLED by Rachael Somplasky. She believes that fashion is fleeting but style is timeless. 

In this ep, we discuss:

  • How + Why Rachael switched story from sweat pants and messy buns to stilettos and en vogue fashion
  • How Rachael gets ready in the morning, even when she doesn’t leave the house— and WHY she does that
  • What the struggles of balancing fashion forward with comfortable wear are
  • How to dress for mom life
  • What Rachael thinks of "dressing for your body type"
  • and so much more!

Work with Rachael: 


Connect with Rachael:

Instagram: @rachsomp

Connect with Dr. Stefani:

Instagram or Facebook.


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069 ⎮ Doctors

Nov 30, 2018

Doctors likely affect what you think and feel about health. Without realizing it, we give doctors a lot of power over us. And while doctors ARE very educated (and mostly, well-intentioned) professionals, they aren't always right. And they can cause harm in some of the most unassuming ways! ... and this is coming from a doctor, I'll add!

I'm sharing 4 Tips to Help You Survive Your Next Doctor's Appointment and so much more!

In this ep, you'll also hear:

  • What doctors do NOT know about health
  • How weight is linked to health complications (and it's NOT what you think!)
  • What doctors have gotten wrong in the past about health (and how this affects you!)
  • How to feel confident the next time you go to the doctor
  • and more!

MORE RESOURCES: www.notaboutthefood.com

RESEARCH ARTICLE: Weight Bias and Medical Care




www.Supervision Squad.com 


Read Why I Am An Anti-Diet Doctor in this Blog Post: Why I Am An Anti-Diet...

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068 ⎮ Travel

Nov 28, 2018

Travel can be one of THE biggest stressors-- and triggers for jumping back on the diet train. How can you prevent the shame-blame-restrict cycle that happens after travel? How do you travel with kids while keeping your health (and sanity)? My guest this week has you covered!

This week I'm joined by one of my favorite virtual mom friends! I'm talking to Emily Krause, health and wellness coach turned travel blogger, freelance writer, and mom of 3.

In this ep, you'll also hear:

  • Why Emily left her health and wellness business
  • What you can do to prepare for traveling with kids
  • How to travel with kids... without losing your health (or sanity)
  • How Emily budgets for travel
  • and more!

Read Emily's Travel Blog:


Connect with Emily:

Instagram: @emilymkrause

Connect with Dr. Stefani:

Instagram or Facebook.




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067 ⎮{Un}Expectations

Nov 27, 2018

Expectations drive diet culture. We expect that if we change our behaviors, then our bodies will change and this change will lead to happiness. It's just not true. We don't magically think differently just because we wear a smaller size. Don't worry... I'll help you understand how you really can create the feeling you want!

In this ep, you'll also hear:

  • What an expectation is
  • How expectations are ingrained from a young age
  • How expectations drive diet culture (and why that's harmful for YOU)
  • How we need to rewire our thoughts
  • What happens when {Un} expectations occur (and how to prepare for the unexpected!)
  • and more!

MORE RESOURCES: www.notaboutthefood.com



www.Supervision Squad.com 


Read Why I Am An Anti-Diet Doctor in this Blog Post: Why I Am An Anti-Diet Doctor



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Postpartum Body Image

Sep 24, 2018

You may know that Postpartum Depression is THE most common complication of motherhood, but you may not be aware of the fact that poor body image postpartum increases your risk for PPD ten fold. 

I get it. New motherhood is tough. There is no guidebook. There are no rules to follow...and we often feel isolated and alone. There is one big community that is so alluring to all of us new moms, and that is the "get your body back" tribe.

It seems like everywhere  you look as a new mom, all you see are women glorifying the thin ideal and making it look effortless to get back into your skinny jeans. It's as if our only badge of honor after having babies is what we look like, and how quickly we can get our bodies back after baby. 

I am here to tell you that there is another way and you don't have to diet your way to being a good mom. You can redefine yourself in other bold new ways, because I think, that's what its really about. 

In motherhood, we often lose...

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