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038 ⎮ Motherhood and Raising Children in Diet Culture with Crystal Karges

inatf podcast Nov 13, 2019

Are you worried about "screwing up your kids?"

Do you have concerns with raising intuitive eaters?

Are you afraid that you'll project your own body image insecurities onto your kids?

Or do you have discomfort with feeding your kids?

When it comes to motherhood, there are countless ways that we can feel guilt, shame, and discomfort... and food and body image issues can be big, BIG stressors for parents. 

Well, this week, I talked with child feeding specialist, Crystal Karges. Crystal is a Maternal Health Specialist, Child Feeding Expert, and Food & Body Image Coach for Mothers. 

She is passionate about helping mamas build a peaceful relationship with food & their bodies so they can confidently nourish themselves & their kids and bring joy back to eating. Crystal is committed to providing holistic, compassionate, and evidenced-based nutrition care to mothers and families worldwide through her online blog and virtual nutrition coaching practice.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • How her own relationship with her mother affected her development of an eating disorder in childhood
  • How a scarcity mindset in childhood contributed to her food and body image struggles
  • The trends of food fads and diet mentality thoughts by generation
  • How to take the shame off of mothers in feeding our children
  • How diet culture has changed how we define motherhood and what it means to be a healthy child
  • How social media affects how we feed our kids
  • What is more important than eating disorders
  • Top tips for creating confident, intuitive eaters
  • and so much more!

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Show Notes:

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Powerful Quotes:

  • "Parents are not ever to blame. We parents are doing the best that we can with the information and resources we're given at the time." - Crystal Karges
  • "We can't necessarily prevent eating disorders from happening, but we can absolutely decrease our child's development of an eating disorder by how we approach food and our bodies."  - Crystal Karges
  • "We can't control the outcome, but we can be a positive influence in their lives." - Crystal Karges
  • "Diet culture has now infiltrated what it means to feed our kids where there are so many rules, just like a diet." - Crystal Karges
  • "Diet culture has created a total disconnect about what it means to raise healthy kids." - Crystal Karges
  • "Diet culture has told us that to be a good parent means to raise kids who don't eat sugar and like lots of vegetables, but that is not what it means to raise a healthy child."- Crystal Karges
  • "Diet culture has become so rampant that it is literally changing how we feed our children. It creates such a gap between reality and expectations." - Crystal Karges
  • "Most kids have a hard time eating vegetables and like simple carbs and that's NORMAL." - Crystal Karges
  • "If you can teach a child to trust their body around food, you can teach them how to trust themselves in any number of situations." - Dr. Reinold
  • "Food is not the end all, be all, but it is a foundation for how we view a lot of different things in our lives." - Dr. Reinold
  • "The way that our kids eat does not define our worth as mothers." - Crystal Karges
  • "Your kids may need to eat sugar more frequently than you feel comfortable with." - Crystal Karges
  • "I'm a dietitian and we have desserts and treats every day." - Crystal Karges
  • "You should be more concerned about the emotional  environment of an eating experience rather than the actual nutritional content of the food that they're eating." - Dr. Reinold
  • "My best piece of advice: serve food in silence." - Crystal Karges

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