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I'm Dr. Reinold, in case we haven't met.

A Texas-bred, east coast-trained,  board certified psychiatrist with specialties in perinatal mental health and eating disorders. I treat adolescents and adults 12 years and older in my private practice in Austin, Texas.

I'm also author of the book, Let Your Heart Out, creator of the HEART Method®, podcast host of the show, It's Not About the Foodwife and mother of 3. 

To date, I've helped nearly a thousand patients and clients overcome mental illness, ditch the details of life, make peace with food, and reconnect with their real selves so that they can live God's plan for their lives. 

Perhaps more than professional knowledge and clinical experience, my faith and personal story through postpartum depression and a decade-long eating disorder informs my practice and platform.


"Being my first experience in psych assistance, I was hesitant and a bit resistant. Stefani Reinold completely changed my conceptions. Attentive, sympathetic, and open minded, she created a warm, comfortable environment for me to be expressive. Stefani listened, asked questions, offered direction, and provided solutions. Your concern is hers. Absolutely satisfied with her services. Thank you Dr. Reinold!"

- Patient

"As a yoga teacher, my favorite compliment has always been that I really understand the body. I will say the same about Dr. Reinold: she really understands the mind! Having moved a lot, I’ve seen many different psychiatrists and counselors. Psychiatrists typically want to medicate and counselors want to talk. Dr. R does both so well, sincerely wanting to help her patients. She listens, is positive and upbeat, and provides insight that makes me want to slap my forehead and say “YES!!!!” Though the human mind is beyond complex, Dr. R’s ability to help me discover and focus on what’s important at the core of my being (in combination with medication adjustments for depression/anxiety) has made me feel empowered, relaxed, and, yes, HAPPY!!"

- Patient

"I have seen a handful of therapists since my parents divorce as a teenager and she is honestly the first person who has made an incredible impact on my life. It was the first time that I didn't just regurgitate my story...she helped me own my story, take accountability for my life as it stands today, and then give me the necessary tools to move forward from this solid foundation. I cannot recommend her enough. She is down to earth, makes you feel incredibly comfortable, and has after 16 years, help me put struggles to bed. If you are in need of help of any kind, please do yourself a favor and give her a call. I wish I would have crossed paths with her years ago."

- Coaching Client

"I found Dr. Reinold when I was suicidal over not being able to attain the 'perfect body.' She was kind, compassionate, and validating. She gave me not only the information I needed to know about my body and weight, but also, the encouraging tools and resources to overcome my issues. I can also say I'm on a REAL road to recovery now."

- Online Course Participant

Want to get to know me and my philosophy more?

If you'd like to hear my story and many other patients, check out my bestselling book, Let Your Heart Out.

The book is part-memoir, part-guidebook teaching you my HEART Method® and many other exercises to help you get past the details, escape your thoughts, and reconnect with the heart and soul of who YOU really ARE!



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